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This Family Adores Minimalism and Simplicity. Take a Look at How They Live

Do any of you appreciate simple interiors with minimal furniture and belongings? Yes, sometimes apartments designed in a minimalist style can be quite dull. It seems like nobody lives here. No mugs on the tables, scattered clothes, or even a blanket on the couch. No cute little knick-knacks (you probably have those at home, right?) on the shelf. But sometimes you find brilliant apartments.

The family that lives in this house embraces minimalism, but you can still find many random things in the rooms. These interior items (without any functionality) are quite simple and help emphasize the overall style. Overall, I’m impressed with the design. I wonder if you’ll like it? Or do our tastes differ a bit?

Minimalist Home 13

The apartment is located in a townhouse. The ultimate chic here is, of course, the wooden floor. It looks so beautiful against the stark white walls.

Minimalist Home 12

In the living room, I really liked the storage box for books and magazines. In such boxes, for example, you can store vinyl records (maybe there are collectors among you). Other interior solutions include a blanket, candles, and a ceramic vase.

Minimalist Home 11

The shelf in the living room goes all the way to the ceiling, but for convenience there’s a beautiful stool stand here. The bright green color nicely accentuates the restrained tones of the interior.

Minimalist Home 10

Beauty lies in the details. I liked here that the shelf is made in a special niche. Convenient and practical.

Minimalist Home 9

And a few more details.

Minimalist Home 8

These decorations were on the shelves last December.

Minimalist Home 7

From the living room, we smoothly transition to the dining area. It’s interesting that all the chairs here are different. And it looks really cool. The old, weathered wooden table is also splendid. I really love such pieces.

Minimalist Home 6

The living room looks great in the evening light. It’s nice that you can step right into the yard. By the way, the ladder stand if you noticed constantly migrates around the apartment.

Minimalist Home 5

Do you use candles at home? Different mismatched candle holders and colorful candles are a good interior solution. Such a small thing, yet it adds so much coziness!

Minimalist Home 4

I really like homes and apartments where the cooking area is in the center of the kitchen. You can sit here and chat with someone over a glass of wine or work on a laptop.

Minimalist Home 3

The interior of the bedroom not only includes the furniture, but also the walls, floor, and even the lighting contribute to minimalism.

Minimalist Home 2

It’s unusual that sleepwear is stored in such a special basket.

Minimalist Home 1

Finally, I want to show what this house looked like before the renovation. Dark colors, poor lighting, worn fabric on the steps, a grim picture on the wall. It’s truly amazing how white color and details can transform a space.

Thank you for reading to the end! Have a great day!

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