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What an Apartment with Vintage Furniture Looks Like (It’s Charming and Unusual Here)

This apartment is filled with many unique details: old brass candle holders, an original stove, a leather armchair from the 50s, a vintage bookshelf, botanical-themed wallpaper, stained glass partitions in the interior doors… Each photograph can be examined for a long time, searching for interesting elements.

It’s intriguing that the vintage items and historical architecture (windows, molding, layout) harmoniously blend with modern interior elements (like the green kitchen set).

The interior is definitely not for everyone. Such apartments are like a trip to a museum. But for those who are passionate about retro style (like me), it should be fascinating.

Apartment with old furniture

If not for the television and the mustard-colored sofa, the apartment would certainly pass as an exhibit depicting life in the 19th or 20th century. The vintage stove has been preserved and restored. However, it’s not used very often, only on special occasions – the apartment has central heating.

apartment with furniture from the past 9

The leather armchair and wooden cabinet (or rather, chest of drawers and bookshelf) are from the middle of the last century.

apartment with furniture from the past 8

View of the living room from the playroom. There’s also quite a bit of vintage furniture here. I particularly liked the small child’s drawing, framed on the wall, and the old poster featuring Batman.

apartment with furniture from the past 7

The kitchen set is in the fashionable green color of today. But it blends so subtly with the stained glass mosaic above the door! Do you see the green square?

apartment with furniture from the past 6

Next to the kitchen is the dining area. The parquet floor goes well with William Morris wallpaper (I really love their botanical-themed patterns).

apartment with furniture from the past 5

The dining room is a full-fledged room, albeit not very large. The furniture (chairs and bench) is retro; you can notice this by the signs of wear.

apartment with furniture from the past 4

The bedroom is painted in shades of pink. Absolutely everything – from the wall color to the cupboards and cotton bed linen – complements each other. I like that the wardrobe is painted in the same shade as the walls.

apartment with furniture from the past 3

The bathroom is designed in the same shade of pink as the bedroom. Overall, the design of this space can be described as classic – from the checkered tile on the floor to the bathtub on metal legs.

apartment with furniture from the past 2

The children’s bedroom is small but very well thought out. Here, they’ve placed a loft bed, and in the lower part, there’s a wardrobe and a writing desk (there’s good lighting there; the child can work without being in the dark).

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And here we are in the hallway. Thank you for reading to the end!

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