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The Family Showcased Their Wonderful, Unpretentious Country House. It’s Simple and Extremely Unusual

There are floral wallpapers, vintage furniture from the past (by the way, almost all items are family heirlooms), and an unusual retro cat lounger.

I adore such country houses—simple and without frills. They seem to reflect the people who live here. In every detail, in all the wear and tear, you can feel the individuality and character. I imagine how people return here every spring with excitement and anticipation when the summer cottage season begins.

Style and taste are not just about trendy design. It’s the ability to combine seemingly incompatible items and arrange the interior in a way that it appears as a cohesive whole.

There are so many beautiful details here… a metal stove, a wooden basket for firewood, tiles on the wall, antique ladles and pans, a wall rack for mugs.

A modest country kitchen. An old table, various chairs, curtains, blue cabinets… It’s as if you’ve ended up at your grandmother’s country house.

In the kitchen, there’s modern household appliances (for example, a toaster and a coffee machine), but at the same time, there are children’s mugs with 90s cartoon characters. This is exactly what I meant when I talked about the combination of the incompatible.

The curtains go perfectly with the blue cabinets.

Yellow daffodils in the blue kitchen – one of the most popular color combinations.

The cat’s lounger in the old TV fits perfectly into the retro country style.

This cupboard used to be dark brown. It was painted white to maintain a unified color scheme in this room.

The hallway and a piece of the living room. Not for the first time, I come across such removable sofa covers. I really like them! You can constantly change them to covers of different shades – it’s a great way to alter the interior with minimal changes.

The bedroom, on the other hand, looks very modern. The only retro elements here are the dresser, mirror, and table lamps.

That concludes the tour of the summer cottage. I hope you liked this country house ❤️

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