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The Family Moved from the Capital to a Secluded House on the Island. That’s How They Live Now

Just recently, they lived in the metropolis, of course, not in the center, but in the sleeping area. 40 minutes by metro and you are already walking on the beautiful historical streets. But in 2018, everything changed: the family learned about the addition to the family and decided to move to a quieter and more spacious place.

The choice fell on the island in the Baltic Sea, which with a «big land» connects only one bridge. Only 25,000 people live here, so the place is very provincial, both in spirit and capacity. But instead of a modest apartment now the family lives in a luxurious restored house of the 1920s.

I like that the interior used many colors and patterns. One of the chips of the house is stylish wallpaper.

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We didn’t even have a bed when we moved here, so we literally started from scratch, and it was quite fun

Recalls the owner of the house about the move in 2018

After three years, the apartment looks very comfortable. The living room, which you see in the photo, decorate the fashionable botanical wallpaper Svenskt Tenn. I love how they combine with the bookcase. It’s perfect!

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I don’t really like wallpaper! But here my heart could not stand. The atmosphere of the country house and comfort is 100%.

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The table is made of birch. It is old, the landlord found it at a flea market. The sofa is the only brand-new thing in the house. Everything else from auctions and garage sales.

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Chairs are also with the flea market. The noble dark red color combined with wood is something new.

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Living room details. Everything is simple and at the same time carefully thought out. See how the wooden frame of the mirror combines with the lamp.

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Another living room with a dining table. You can see that the owners of the house do not bother with the design and do not adjust to the usual norms. They do what they like. Dry grass is suspended from the ceiling. There are books on the windowsills. There are burdocks from the garden on the table. Separately these elements look strange, but together form a pleasant picture.

art nordic com house on the island 11

The sofa was bought on sale. The only thing, it was covered with vintage fabric, which fits the main color gamut of the house.

art nordic com house on the island 10

In the past, the kitchen was purple-gray. Now the walls are painted with green linen paint, and the headset in white-gray colors. By the way, do you see the picture of the bottles on the wall? It’s not a poster, it’s a painting. And notice how well the towels are picked up. Their colors match the wallpaper.

art nordic com house on the island 9

Dining area. Interestingly, the carpet was placed right under the table. I haven’t seen this before.

art nordic com house on the island 8

Cozy place to read. If you have a library at home, then you can also create a special zone for evening rest with a book. Armchair or couch, pillow or blanket, lamp next to and the most cozy place in the house is ready.

art nordic com house on the island 7

How wonderful to have a fireplace at home.

art nordic com house on the island 6

Details. You can see that the books here are not just part of the interior. They really read. Old and new books, big and small, they are scattered, because they are constantly taken from the shelf.

art nordic com house on the island 5

People really like to read in this house.

art nordic com house on the island 4

The chair at the desk is from the same collection as the chairs in the hallway.

art nordic com house on the island 3

The bedroom looks very soulful and human. You can see that people live here with their character, interests, habits.

art nordic com house on the island 2

In a small hallway, where the stairs are located, also built a recreation area. Here is extremely simple, but still heartily. Even old worn floorboards do not spoil the experience. By the way, the painting on the wall has a story:

My father got it on his 30th birthday, now it hangs on my wall reminding me of him and that time flies

Says the owner of the house

art nordic com house on the island 1

The chair is also covered with vintage fabric. By the way, take note of this idea. Any old sofa can be covered with the fabric that suits you and your apartment. It will be cheaper than buying a new one.

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