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Nothing Special. What’s Inside This Little Apartment in the Old House? Simple And Tasteful

Someone will say that there is nothing special in this apartment. Someone probably will not like the brick wall in the loft style. And I look at these rooms, and I see the details coming together in some sort of interior ensemble. This is what a cozy home looks like after a hard day’s work.

This apartment (living room + small bedroom) is in the old house. The original architectural data is the ceiling and unusual shape of the windows. I like how the landlady has arranged a small space. I will show you only the rooms. Bathroom, hallway and kitchen will remain behind the scenes, they are still in the process of renovation.

art nordic com old house apartment 11

We start with a small entrance hall. Here the whole accent is focused on the wall of raw brick in the loft style.

art nordic com old house apartment 10

The landlady lives here with her dog. The whole space is completely designed for them. For example, a dining/working table (it has two functions) has only one chair.

art nordic com old house apartment 9

The dog is the main character of this photo.

art nordic com old house apartment 8

Small details play a big role in the interior. For example, a bouquet of bright monotonous colors and as if accidentally left a magazine.

art nordic com old house apartment 6

This is the living room. The old parquet and windows are the main dominant of this room. From the interesting point of view: the hostess constantly makes a rearrangement in the living room, the sofa turns out to be in the middle, then at the wall. And it each time gives a sense of novelty. I’ll show you an example of this realignment.

art nordic com old house apartment 7

And details again: a bouquet of seasonal flowers.

art nordic com old house apartment 5

Another view of the living room. You can see an interesting rack on the left, designed for small objects. A vase of unusual shape stands out against the background of the interior . I like it!

art nordic com old house apartment 4

An example of a rearrangement in the living room. Whoosh… and it’s like a completely different room. Although the items are still the same.

art nordic com old house apartment 3

Simple and tasteful that’s how I would describe this interior. Harmony is created only by a wicker chair, a thin blanket, a bouquet of flowers and candles. Something that everyone can do in their own home.

art nordic com old house apartment 2

And here’s the bedroom. Crumpled textiles according to Scandinavian classics and slight negligence. Of the accent details, only a bouquet of bright sunflowers.

art nordic com old house apartment 1

Details of the bedroom. The book about the interior serves as a stand. By the way, such candles in the shape of a woman’s body are freely sold on Amazon. I bought one as a gift to my friend.

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