Inspiration Apartment. The Landlady Changes the Flowers in Vases Every Week

This apartment is fine on its own. The bright Scandinavian interior, interesting details and furniture items, comfortable layout – all designed in such a way that you want to live here. Space is inspiring and welcoming. But I wanted to share with you pictures of this house for another reason.

The landlady of the apartment is a young mother, every week (sometimes a little less often) renews the flowers in vases. This is not necessarily a chic bouquet. Most often, the compositions use field and garden flowers. It surprises and impresses me that the bouquets are everywhere – in the living room, on the kitchen table, in the bedroom and even in the hallway. And it is so beautiful!

I suggest you get inspired by this interior with me!

Let’s start with the kitchen. Of the features: a lamp that literally hovers over the dining table. This is a frequent reception that is used in European apartments. The lighting is muted and has a warm intimate atmosphere at dinner. The room itself is dark, and the table and dishes are lit very well.

Interior details in the kitchen. There’s a special, beautiful utensil.

This table is located in the living room. It is also possible to eat and dine, but most often it is used for board games with friends or for work. In almost all the pictures from this apartment, which I will show you, you can also see bouquets of flowers. They are not catchy and harmoniously fit into the interior.

Living area from a different angle. There is a low shelving for books and small things. And flowers by season.

The shelf is a little closer. There are several functional areas: books, records, board games, even bottles of alcohol.

From the living room there is an exit to the so-called French balcony (this is a type of balcony without a platform). It is decorated with potted plants that are brought into the house for the winter.

Complex view of the living room. On one room there are three bouquets of flowers. Beautiful! Of the interior details I like the modest couch on the right. Next to it there is a floor lamp (it is not in the photo), so it is convenient to read books in the evening.

However, not only people like the couch!

The living room goes into another room.

Another place in the apartment for an evening rest with a book.

Here it is. This is another relaxation area in the apartment. How nice to have no TV at home.

Interior details as a separate art form.

Bedroom and immutable flowers. The mood here create a sort of casual details – a bag on the door and funny slippers by the bed.

Another corner of the bedroom.

Children’s room for a junior schoolgirl. Small things are stored in jute baskets and boxes. Textiles are chosen very harmoniously: seemingly and funny colors, and seemingly not out of the Scandinavian style.

This is the opposite corner of the children’s room.

Finishing the photo report from this apartment with such a floral arrangement. I like it very much!

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