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Home in the Swedish Countryside. Showing How Cool it Looks Inside

Today I will show you an old house in Sweden. I look at it and it seems that it stands somewhere in Russia. And when I look inside, I understand, after all, this house is from another country. I suggest you enjoy this beauty. And get some ideas for your own home. Enjoy watching!

It looks like a typical Russian country house, as far as I know.

And so stylishly this country house looks inside. Purely Scandinavian style. There’s a fireplace instead of a stove, candles everywhere, a nice sofa and a lot of textiles…

View of the interior from the top floor (it is there is a living room with the previous photo).

The dining room is located in a single space with other areas. There is both a kitchen and a place to relax. Pay attention to how stylishly the chairs are selected. They are in harmony with the lamps.

View of the kitchen from another angle.

The details of the dining room are stuffed birds above the entrance, a canvas on the wall, an old candlestick and dried flowers in a vase – correctly emphasize and complement the interior.

Living area with a high ceiling under the dome. This is the main interior solution of this house. Usually this technique is used in frame building. It’s very rare in old homes.

Relax area on the ground floor with nice cotton textiles.

The floor, the doors, the ceiling and some of the walls are loosely painted white. In places, the surface is specially aged: this technique helps to recreate the rustic interior.

On the ground floor there are also two rooms: a children’s and a parent’s bedroom. In the corridor, the walls are made of untreated bars. This creates a special charm.

Welcome to the nursery.

The bathroom is in the attic. It is bright and spacious. In the morning and afternoon there is very light due to the attic window.

There is also a guest bedroom in the attic. It’s simple and cozy. The decorative ladder on the left serves as a hanger.

A small rest area on the second floor.

And back to the ground floor, where in the cold season always burning logs in the fireplace.

It’s an amazing house, isn’t it?

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