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Dream Apartment for One Person. Look at the Interesting Renovation of This Small Apartment

This small apartment has sunk into my soul. Someone calls this interior too sterile, they say, too much cold white color. And to me, such simplicity seems to be the foundation of the Scandinavian style.

The apartment as a blank sheet, you can use any details and things to give it a personality. And the hostess (here lives a woman for 40 years) has succeeded in creating a special spirit in her housing at the expense of details. There’s a lot of them, but they don’t stand out.

Appreciate the renovation! I am very interested in your opinion, will match our tastes or will disperse.

art nordic com dream apartment 9

Let’s start with the entrance hall. Directly – dressing room, near a small bathroom. On the left is a bedroom. On the right (where the apron peeps) is the entrance to the kitchen. This is the only room where there is wallpaper, not pure white walls. But they’re neutral, cold blue stripes.

art nordic com dream apartment 8

Opposite side of the hallway.

art nordic com dream apartment 7

And here’s the kitchen. Furniture (kitchen set, table, chairs, hangers) is as inconspicuous as possible. Nice and light. All attention to details. A denim apron, a recipe book, a striped hand towel (in the style of wallpaper in the hallway), bright lemons on the table and a simple bouquet of flowers.

art nordic com dream apartment 6

View of the kitchen from a different angle. By the way, have you noticed that Scandinavian apartments and houses don’t like curtains? It’s not a matter of natural looseness, it’s about daylight, because rooms filled with sunlight look very different.

art nordic com dream apartment 5

Look how bright it is here!

art nordic com dream apartment 4

The apartment is small, so the bedroom serves as a living room and a place to sleep. The accent details in this room are textiles, green plants, a vase with two spikes and horns on the wall.

art nordic com dream apartment 3

Bedroom view.

art nordic com dream apartment 2

The headboard on the wall is drawn. Interesting interior trick.

art nordic com dream apartment 1

And here’s the way out. By the way, have you noticed that all the rooms have wooden floors painted once? This technique also visually expands the space. The apartment seems bigger than it really is.

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