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Timeless Appeal: This Apartment Feels Like It’s From a Bygone Era. Everything Here Is So Unique

Imagine, for instance, the year 1900. What would your home look like? What items and pieces of furniture would be there? Got the picture? Now take a look at this apartment in one of the low-rise buildings.

It seems like a leap into the past. Everything is so special, unusual, authentic; you could endlessly choose adjectives, but it’s better to see this dwelling just once.

Bonus: I’ll show you how the apartment owner crafted one of the interior items. It turned out to be so simple and yet beautiful. You look at it and understand – the coziness in our home depends only on us and our imagination.

bygone era apartment 18

Let’s start with the living room, or more precisely, the corner where there’s an antique dining table. The owner acquired it through online classifieds and then restored it, giving it a fresh coat of varnish. I really like the rugged, rough wood against the backdrop of the white, delicate interior.

bygone era apartment 17

I adore the details that shape the overall mood in the house: lit candles, you can immediately tell they’re here for more than just photos, and a delicate bouquet of flowers in an unusual vintage vase that looks more like a trophy.

bygone era apartment 16

Another corner of the living room. Yes, the armchair and sculpture on the shelf deserve separate admiration, but I want to draw your attention to the wall installation.

bygone era apartment 15

The apartment owner made it herself. It required canvas and fabric that harmoniously matches the overall vibe of the house.

bygone era apartment 14

Intermediate result.

bygone era apartment 13

Now you can store memorable photos, pictures, notes, and postcards on the wall. Convenient!

bygone era apartment 12

There’s also a comfortable large sofa and a special lounger for the dog in the living room.

bygone era apartment 11

And surprisingly, there’s no television in the house again. Oh, those Europeans! 🙂

bygone era apartment 10

The textiles are in very pleasant and delicate shades. Take note of this color palette.

bygone era apartment 9

In the hallway, there are beautiful vintage wallpapers…

bygone era apartment 8

… and, of course, magnificent flowers from the garden.

bygone era apartment 7

Let’s head to the kitchen. Even the flowers and dried flowers gracefully complement the interior of this apartment. Each detail is like a note in a luxurious orchestra.

bygone era apartment 6

The kitchen sink is positioned opposite the window. It’s an extremely smart interior move. Washing dishes is not so gloomy, at least.

bygone era apartment 5

Open shelves and a breakfast bar where you can dine alone or with your spouse. The large dining table is more for guests.

bygone era apartment 4

Flowers, beautiful ceramic dishes, wooden cutting boards, including a giant one, specially for preparing large dishes.

bygone era apartment 3

Bouquets of flowers create a unified melody in this home.

bygone era apartment 2

The apartment has a warm veranda which, thanks to the abundance of plants, resembles a summer garden.

bygone era apartment 1

The apartment is located on the ground floor and opens up to a communal courtyard, where there’s such a cozy gazebo for evening gatherings.

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