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This Apartment Boasts an Unusual Kitchen and Bedroom. Let’s Take a Home Tour

What sets this apartment apart is its exceptional layout. While many are accustomed to the open kitchen-living room concept, a bedroom without windows is a rare and unconventional choice in interior design. However, for the owners of this apartment, this zoning turned out to be a creative solution.

Originally, the apartment was a single-room layout, featuring one enormous room, with the kitchen having a separate entrance from the hallway. The options were limited: keep everything as is or carve out a separate space for the bedroom. Let’s take a closer look at the outcome.

On the left, you’ll find the kitchen, and on the right, the dining and living areas. The partition was removed, creating a seamless, unified space.

The apartment features two dining spaces. You can have breakfast or lunch alone at the bar counter, which used to be a windowsill. And with family or guests, you can gather around a separate large table.

Cotton tablecloth, vintage candle holders, and white chairs bring the interior together. Although I might opt for a shorter tablecloth for a better fit.

This is how the living area looks now. The vibrant sofa breathes life into the room, making it anything but dull. The wall behind the sofa used to be a partition and now separates the bedroom.

View of the hallway.

What appeals to me is the smooth, continuous surface here, blending the bar counter with the rest of the kitchen. The sink is uniquely positioned, providing a view of the window.

At the bar counter, a view of the balcony unfolds. I’ll show it to you shortly.

An intriguing blend of a wooden countertop and a blue kitchen set. The fridge is cleverly integrated, seamlessly blending into the interior.

Moving towards the bedroom. It’s tucked away in a small corner, overlooking the hallway, and is separated from it by thick gray curtains.

Here, you’ll only find a bed and a bedside table. They addressed the lighting concern by installing an internal window.

The bathroom is the most modest space in the apartment. It’s quite tight in here.

But the balcony in this apartment is a haven of comfort. An umbrella shields from the scorching sun and rain, while a string of lights creates a unique atmosphere in the evenings.

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