The Most Cozy Apartment. Show How the Lover of Vintage Things Set Up His Apartment

This unusual and very beautiful apartment is filled with interesting vintage items from Scandinavia and other countries.
Its owner is a real «hunter» for discounts and a lover of old things. All the furniture he bought inexpensively at auctions and antique markets.
Look what he’s got. You can’t tell that almost all the interior items are from the last century.

art nordic com Lover of Vintage Things 1

The owner of the apartment is Gustav Broström from Sweden. Acquaintances call him a real hunter for discounts and valuable things. Can you imagine that all the interior items in this photo (except the flower!) bought and restored literally for a pittance? Looks cozy, doesn’t it?

art nordic com Lover of Vintage Things 7

There’s a bookcase with lots of details. I like to see what’s on the shelves. Looks stylish, although such a bookcase can easily be made yourself or ordered for a little money in some carpenter’s workshop. On the shelves are books, plaster sculptures, candlesticks, vases and other things that are cute to the heart.

art nordic com Lover of Vintage Things 6

The kitchen is small but tasteful. For convenience and space saving, Gustav chose a folding wooden table. If guests come, such a table in a matter of seconds will transform into a large dining table. Look at the retro poster on the wall! Do you like it?

art nordic com Lover of Vintage Things 5

There is no kitchen set. All the dishes are kept on open shelves. At first I was interested in how the owner of the apartment takes care of the dishes – because for a couple of days it is probably covered with dust. But according to Gustav, all the dishes are absolutely clean because it is used every day.

art nordic com Lover of Vintage Things 4

A few more details of the living room.

art nordic com Lover of Vintage Things 3

The bedroom is as simple as possible. There are a minimum of things. Retro-mood here creates a patchwork blanket, stitched from different pieces of fabric.

art nordic com Lover of Vintage Things 2

And the final photo from this cozy house. All the dishes are vintage too. Now it seems to me that the historical spirit of things creates a special magnetism in this apartment. I really liked it… And you?

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