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Stylish Modern House in Germany: Appreciate the Interior, Especially the Beautiful Terrace

The woman who lives in this house is also called Maria. This is not just a modern house. It’s a 70’s bungalow – a one-story house for one family, often with a flat roof and a large terrace. Maria lives in Oldenburg, Germany and she has an interior blog about her unusual house. There are many beautiful details inside.

There are a lot of fresh flowers inside the house. See how the bouquets refresh the interior. If you have a garden or a cottage, try to compose several compositions of flowers.

And here in the vase are dried flowers. Also looks beautiful. Of unusual details there is a wooden bench in addition to chairs.

This is a cozy bedroom. The overall mood here is formed by bed linen pastel shades. By the way, we love how Maria makes the bed. The bedspread covers only part of the bed. This is a special interior reception.

Floor mirror interestingly fit into bedroom interior.

And here is the terrace. It is such wide verandas usually there are in the bungalow. And, again, pay attention to bouquet of flowers.

The kitchen is small but bright. Candles and natural lighting create cosiness.

Bright flowers in the same color scheme. Looking at beauty certainly lifts the mood.

There is also a floor mirror in the hallway. And unusual wooden hangers.

Dried flowers fit perfectly in bathroom design.

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