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The Family Built a Charming Tiny House — Small in Size, but Exquisitely Pretty Inside

Today I want to show you a simple and interesting house of only 200-square-foot (18 m). Tiny, but stylish and comfortable. You can live here all year round, or you can use the house as a summer cottage. Ideal for one person.

Tiny red house

This is how the house looks from the side. The project was done like to the type of a small studio. Appreciate how cozy the patio is. There is its own small terrace, plants, paths and trees (they aren’t visible in the frame).

Tiny red house

According to the owners, you can live here all year round, because it is a winter house. Nearby there is a main house where the family lives. And this tiny house is used for guests.

Tiny red house inside

There is no hallway here, the entrance is directly into the kitchen-room-bedroom. All attention to details. The design is simple, but tasteful. Rugs, hanger, shelves in the kitchen.

Small red house inside

The house has everything that one person needs for permanent residence or guests who come for a couple of days. Kitchenette, bathroom, bed and even a place to read and watch TV.

scandi Pretty Tiny House3

Yes, the space is very small, but don’t forget that there are only 18 squares! The hostess says: «The house is made as a thermos, very carefully insulated, the thickness of the walls is 10 inches (25 cm), the winter work of communications due to the warm floor in the bathroom, they are brought under the house, stands a separate small septic tank».

Bathroom in red tiny house

In the house, despite the compact size, there is a shower and toilet. They’re also made with taste.


And a little more kitchen.

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