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Look at This Bright Tiny Apartment Where Every Detail Is Absolutely Delightful

This 26-year-old interior designer apartment is very different from the classic Scandinavian style. There are no neutral colors, white walls and pastel shades. Instead – a lot of bright things and objects that create a special atmosphere in the house.

Yes, this tiny apartment is absolutely fascinating! I noticed it when I read the latest issue of the British magazine about design and interior. And this crazy style fascinated me so much that I found the owner of this apartment and I got a little more information about him. Sharing photos of this interesting apartment with you.

art nordic com Bright Tiny Apartment 12

There’s a green coffee table, red chairs, yellow sunflowers in a vase, a rough wooden dining table, a pale blue wardrobe… In this interior there are absolutely different colors. And it is amazing how harmoniously they look together.

art nordic com Bright Tiny Apartment 11 копия

All the paintings and posters on the walls are vintage. Some posters are about 100 years old.

art nordic com Bright Tiny Apartment 10

There is no pretentious furniture here, only the simplest things. It seems that a nice grandmother lives here, not a 26-year-old young man. Yes, the landlord is a man.

art nordic com Bright Tiny Apartment 9

This is a picture of a plaid couch for an evening getaway. I’d like to take a book and a mug of tea and lie down here… By the way, the owner of the apartment restored and covered with new fabric this couch.

art nordic com Bright Tiny Apartment 8 копия

This is some kind of a magic show of colors and shades!

art nordic com Bright Tiny Apartment 7

Charming and fun – I would so characterize the style of this apartment. I really like simple pictures and drawings on the wall in the hallway. And pay attention to the 80’s carpet in the bathroom! This is a real chic!

art nordic com Bright Tiny Apartment 6

The bathroom is more like a living room with a bathroom. There is a chest of drawers, a chair and a carpet. I tell you, this is an extremely interesting and unusual apartment.

art nordic com Bright Tiny Apartment 5

The kitchen area is also very different from the usual us. It seems that it is just someone’s country cottage, and not an apartment in a large metropolis.

art nordic com Bright Tiny Apartment 4 копия

This is what the kitchen looks like. In this apartment it is just a working area for cooking.

art nordic com Bright Tiny Apartment 3

Hanging shelves for books save space. They do not take up space on the floor. The area of the apartment is small. But there’s a little bedroom and a living room.

art nordic com Bright Tiny Apartment 2 копия

This is what the entrance to the bedroom looks like. And perhaps this is the most creative place in the house due to its strange layout.

art nordic com Bright Tiny Apartment 1

This is how the bedroom looks inside. The whole width of the bed, from the wall to the window. It must be interesting to fall asleep and wake up in such a place. The unusual layout is explained by the fact that previously the bedroom was twice wider (the walls on the left were not). The owner made a partition to separate the space for the kitchen. And the original kitchen room he converted into a living room. Ooh, I hope you’re not confused!

Photo credit: Sebastian Bergström

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