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What a Small Apartment Looks Like, Where 90% of the Furniture Is Vintage. Let’s See

The landlady of this unusual apartment is a real fan of old things. She honestly says, I have no greater passion than for things from the past. As a child I admired the old apartments of grandparents, charmed by crispy parquet and old lockers».

And the apartment she lives in today looks like a real museum of antiquity. In a good way! It’s cozy, modern, but at the same time almost all furniture and things from antique stores.

I liked how harmoniously vintage fit into the modern interior. It is felt that the year 2022 is now going, but at the same time the apartment reigns some special, incomparable atmosphere.

art nordic com vintage apartment 14

Let’s start the tour with the living room. How old do you think this closet is? The landlady of the apartment does not know the right answer. This furniture was inherited from her grandmother. I think that such lockers were produced in the 1970s. If you know the exact period, then write in the comments! Very interesting to know.

art nordic com vintage apartment 13

The living room also has a dining table. This is also 100% vintage. The table and chairs are bought for a pittance.

art nordic com vintage apartment 12

View on the living room from another angle. See the garland with the inscription under the hinged shelf? The landlady of the apartment constantly changes these garlands. She has more than 10 of them with different phrases, lines from songs and even the inscription Happy New Year. Also interesting interior technique.

art nordic com vintage apartment 11

This is what the opposite side of the living room looks like. Behind the door is the entrance hall and the bathroom.

art nordic com vintage apartment 10

Especially put another similar photo. See how the interior was transformed when the landlady lit a wall lamp and candles. It’s getting visually warmer.

art nordic com vintage apartment 9

In the bathroom there is nothing extraordinary. Except that the bath and washing machine itself is also from ancient times.

art nordic com vintage apartment 8

And this is the bedroom. Surprisingly, the main dominant of this room is the textile on the bed and the mirror from the 1930s.

art nordic com vintage apartment 7

The kitchen is simple and at the same time very cozy. No kitchen sets from IKEA. Only vintage. Each locker has its own history.

art nordic com vintage apartment 6

Details. I admire the simplicity and beauty. I love the open shelves for storing dishes, although I myself have not yet decided on such. And you?

art nordic com vintage apartment 5

And another storage area for utensils. By the way, mugs and cups here are mainly from the author’s ceramics.

art nordic com vintage apartment 4

There are not very many dishes, and it is constantly used. Thanks to this, dust does not accumulate on it. Please note that not only the furniture is vintage here, but also household appliances. A dishwasher, a mixer (it stands next to a bouquet of sunflowers), a lamp and even an electric stove.

art nordic com vintage apartment 3

The balcony in this apartment stands out from the overall vintage concept. Here the motley and sunny, and the function of the sofa are cheap wooden pallets covered with pillows.

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art nordic com vintage apartment 2

Finally, I’ll show you a few details. I really like textiles. And in this apartment it also plays a big role.

art nordic com vintage apartment 1

The candle box is constantly emptied and replenished. They also create a cozy atmosphere. I love that candles are not the same type of IKEA, but different colors and shapes. It looks completely different.

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